Professional vs private blogs – and what worked for me

Short version: we’re back and our daily posts will start on Sunday! Tervetuloa – Welcome!

Long version: before I started blogging, I was (stupid enough?) to google how to blog / how to make money on blogging. I didn’t want to earn big money; I was more thinking that advertisement could pay the server, and ideally the costs of my cats: litter and food, maybe even the vet.

I wished I had known how unrealistic this idea was. It would have saved me a lot of time on social media, and reading everything about SEO. So why didn’t I succeed? There’re probably many reasons, and I’m blissfully unaware of most. However, here’re some explanations.

  • I didn’t spend money on advertising my blog.
  • I didn’t want my real name public. (I haven’t really made up my mind yet, but you can’t undo an information!) I therefore could neither promote my blog with my “real” Facebook account nor ask my friends to help me.
  • I didn’t try to “make friends” with “important bloggers” in the cat blogosphere. Of course I got wonderful new friends here, but not because of the influence their blogs may have.

Oh, and I ignored some instructions of Making your blog big and successful.

  1. Find your niche I actually had a really great niche: There’re a many cats blogs, but not mental health and cats. That’s also what I originally wanted to blog about, in a world before I got my cats. Turned out, however, that I was having more fun blogging about my cats than writing focused posts on cats and mental health.
  2. Find your blog’s voice, e.g. who’s the narrator of your blog. Good question. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes one of the cats, sometimes both cats. Another example: do you write trivial/entertaining posts or informative posts? Eh. Both. Mostly everyday life, but also food guidelines. It depends on what I’m up to!
  3. Style – always find great and inspiring headlines: 7 Ways To Make Your Cats Play Together instead of Playful Thursday. Always finish your post with a question to make your readers interact with your blog: do your cats play with each other? or Do you have any additional ideas? Hm. I don’t really like those kinds of blogs myself. I’d probably read your post if I wanted my cats to play more often with each other, but would I read your blog every day? Nope. Do I want to write something I wouldn’t read myself? Nope – unless I earn so much with my blog that I can make a living.


I’m not sure why I’m publishing this, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how blogs work, and how I can make MY blog work for ME. It was such a relief to drop this idea of one day getting money for my entries. I started blogging because I like writing – and that’s the reason I will continue blogging: I just got a bit confused about my goals in the meantime. I’ve actually written some posts during my blog break – and I had really fun writing them. I’ve tagged them “postponed posts” to avoid confusion: no, it’s not summer in Finland. And yes, the construction work is finally over!

I also decided that I’ll continue having different types of posts and several “authors” on this blog. I first wanted to give Tessa and Kajsa their own user accounts (like the Islands Cats have). WordPress would then display the author above each posting. However, I didn’t like the result, so I made our own bylines instead. Please tell me if they’re difficult to read or look too much like a google ad.

P.S. I didn’t mean to offend anybody. Some of the blogs I read are actually sometimes publishing sponsored posts.

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