Kajsa’s advices on Cat World Domination Day

CatWorldDomination2015-500So today is Sparkle’s birthday and she definitely nailed this one: her birthday became the Cat World Domination Day! However, Tessa and I chose to keep our birthday a secret from Mamma. We still have our adoption day, and it’s great that she doesn’t know our date of birth – we get to celebrate 365 days a year!

philosophical catI’ve done some research on power, and I’ve some great advice if you want to become even more powerful: make your human think that you’re very sick. At least our Mamma is a perfect slave when she’s a nurse. Indeed, I enjoyed the most excellent service: she was serving me food in bed (!) and didn’t say a word when I spilt it on her pillow. I had all her attention and got a lot of treats.

I’ve to warn you though: it’s quite tough to play the sick cat, but it really pays off! Here’s what you have to do: resist all treats your Mom offers you. Don’t even react when your sister is stealing them! This really freaks humans out. Don’t worry; you’ll get even more treats for every treat you resist. It’s also challenging to ignore your favorite toys. Mamma is often too lazy to play with me, but she brought me my ball when I was “sick”. She tried to play with me several times, but I was brave enough to resist. Don’t worry, once you “recover”, your human will most likely play for hours with you!

I also enjoyed that I finally won the battle over The Pillow. I love to sleep on the biggest pillow, but so does Mamma. She’s unfortunately stronger than me, so she normally forces me to leave when she’s going to bed. But when I was “sick”, I got the best pillow for myself, and she slept on a smaller pillow next to me.

cat is stealing my pillow

Now these are all great achievements, but the best is still to come: I made her stop giving us pills!!! YES! I mean have you ever succeeded in making your humans drop medical treatment? I’ll make sure to become very sick when Mamma cleans our ears next time!