Why cats are the best pets

So why do I want to get a cat? They are cute, crazy and funny – that alone would be reason enough. But there’s even more.

My friends' cats taking a nap

My friends’ cats taking a nap

I have never really considered getting any other pet than a cat. The reason for that is very easy:
I have issues with animals behind bars. It feels unethical to decide when an animal is allowed to leave its cage; not to mention that it probably doesn’t want to stay in my four walls at all. I understand that this is for the animal’s own best. Birds, hamsters, you name it, wouldn’t probably survive on themselves. The question which remains is why humans keep pets. Apart from farm animals, we probably have to confess that we do this for our own entertainment and comfort.

I guess dogs are an important exception; they often consider themselves a part of the family, a team and don’t want to live without their owners. Dogs are lovely and I’m always happy to see friends who have dogs. However, dogs are very dependent on their people. It is still the human who decides when, how often and for how long they are going out. Well, ok, I also have to confess that lazy is my second name – I really don’t want to go for a walk several times a day.

In my phantasy world, I see cats as somehow equal family members. They can decide themselves what they want to do – go outside, stay inside, what the heck, I even give them a fair possibility to run away if they don’t like themselves at all. At the same time, I’m so much longing for some cozy hours and closeness; I’m such a touchy feely person.

That is why I believe cats make the best pets for me. They can be equal members of my family, and we can both enjoy closeness and cuddling. I’m probably very romantic now and I’ll have a good laugh about these thoughts in the future.