Whoever said that cats don’t need humans

… to feel safe and to seek solace, didn’t see Kajsa yesterday.

It takes an hour to drive from my parents’ place to the airport. I was sitting on the backseat with the girls. Kajsa showed me very clearly that she wanted to be close to me, and the second I put my fingers into her box, she calmed down and felt safe.

Kajsa wouldn’t need a leash at the airport either. The cats have to leave the transportation box for security check. When I took Kajsa on my arm, she hid under my shirt, pressed herself towards my skin and didn’t move an inch. Poor little thing. I’m always relieved that she gladly goes back to her box afterwards because she feels safe inside, too. Tessa again is so curious that she wants to explore the airport every time we’re traveling, and she’s always disappointed when she has to go back to her box.

Now we’re all safe back in Finland. We’re sleeping a lot and enjoy being home again – even though we all had a great time in Germany.