Where to put the litter box?

I live in a strange old house. I really love living here, but the groundplan is sometimes driving me nuts a challenge. I tried to draw the first floor plan – I’m not sure whether all numbers and proportions are realistic, but you get the bigger picture. It’d be great if the litter box wasn’t in the kitchen, and here the real challenge begins.  The only place in the bathroom would be the shower. This could work, I’ve heard that many people do this. But wouldn’t it be great if everything had its own place? when-the-cat-is-away-houseMy blind ambitions will drive me to hell (hello, shrink?), because the hall is a nightmare.

The hall has 4 doors on 4m2 (43 ft2) and a heater. There’s with other words only one place left, and that’s where I’ve a shelf. Whilst choosing between two evils, I suddenly had a bright idea: why should I choose between an occupied shower and having a shelf? What if I put the cat litter in the shelf? I ‘only’ had to remove all stuff from the lower shelf. Ok, my shrink has a point: I should acknowledge the amount of work I’m doing. Anyways, it worked out fairly well.

cat litter in a shelfIt’s a bit tight though. I’m not sure if my cats will accept this litter box solution, but I can always move it to the shower or the kitchen. Let’s see. If I’m lucky, my cats will be as relaxed as this lovely cat.

7 zwerge aus dem neckertal 4

The two cat pictures are provided by 7 Zwerge aus dem Neckertal. Visit their Facebook page to see more pictures of her 7 feline friends! Disclaimer: 7 Zwerge aus dem Neckertal and I aren’t affiliates, neither of us receives a commission for this. I just love her pictures and I’m thankful that I may use them on my blog.