A as in Artwork. Drawing a header for my blog

I’m participating in this year’s A-Z challenge. You can sign up until 4/2/2015 11:59 PM North America – Eastern Standard Time if you’d like to join us! The rules are very easy:

The A to Z Challenge is posting every day in April except Sundays (…) And since there are 26 days, that matches the 26 letters of the alphabet. On April 1, blog about something that begins with the letter “A.” April 2 is “B,” April 3 is “C,” and so on.

I spend some time with my most favorite artist today – my 11-year-old godchild. She has always been a great artist; I already admired her skills when she was only 3 years old. My blog is still very young, and I don’t have a header yet. I wanted a drawing of the saying When the cat’s away, the mice will play and asked my godchild to help me.

drawing together with childrenI’ve always enjoyed drawing with her. We would listen to some audio books (hence the remote) and be creative. It’s such a great way of spending time together! We haven’t done that for a very long time, and I was really enjoying her company today. She is not my ‘real’ godchild though. I used to be her babysitter, but eventually, she became too old. I understood that she didn’t need a babysitter anymore, but didn’t manage to ‘break up’. I loved her so much that I wanted to continue seeing her. That’s how I became her godmother, and now it’s even more fun spending time with her. I don’t need to be pedagogical anymore and can spoil her as much as I want. (OK, I admit, I’ve always spoiled her a bit)

when the cats away the mice will playI really love the result! I’ll redesign my blog as soon as I get to use a scanner.

the mice will play