S as in Shelter. Our time at the animal shelter

… isn’t over yet. I know, you were waiting for a different posting today, and so was I.

It’s sometimes really boring to be an adult: I could have taken Kajsa and Tessa home today, but I’ll wait another night. The vet is coming to the shelter tomorrow, and she’ll control their ears. They don’t really need a vet appointment, and it’s neither mandatory to wait for her approval. However, I thought it’d be wise to take the opportunity. I’ll take them home tomorrow, no matter what the doctor finds, but it had been stupid to rush now.

Kajsa seemed to disagree that it’s a great idea to meet the vet tomorrow.angry cat… and Tessa even forgot about her toy. Disappointed cat

But I can’t help it. I’m in charge, and sometimes I’ve to make decisions I don’t like. I was hoping to write about something else today, but now is a great time to review our time at the shelter.

So this was their cage. There’s one more shelf you can’t see on this picture, but I’ve shown it several times. Tessa really liked to hang out and show off on this shelf.

how does a shelter look like
There were times when I had some disagreements with the shelter. I was very disappointed that they required their cats to become indoor cats. However, I reconsidered when I found out that the Finnish law restricts outdoor cats.

hilarious catsI was also frustrated that I had to wait for a whole month since I could have treated their ear mites at home. I do understand the shelter now, because I’ve heard some sad stories during my daily shelter visits. One cat was returned, when his owners had to buy medicine. Unbelievable, especially since they knew about the medical condition of their cat. He needed permanent treatment, and the shelter had given an opened package to the owners. They didn’t want to buy new ones when the medicine finished. I’m upset that they’ve probably gotten another cat now. The shelter obviously blacklisted them, but it isn’t difficult to find cats online.

Indeed, there were a lot of crazy people at the shelter. I’ve blogged about the one who wanted to buy Tessa from me, but there were also others. Many people don’t seem to understand that some cats belong together.

“OH!!! This white one is sooooo cute! We’ll take her!”
“You can only adopt her together with her sister”
“Eh, but the other one isn’t cute, so we’ll get her another playmate. Do you have a second white cat?”

It was sometimes very hard to stay calm.

getting to know your catKajsa and Tessa were really shy in the beginning, but they started to trust me eventually. I felt so honored when they started to hang out with me!

Also the staff trusts me now, and I’ll get my cats tomorrow, even though their ears are not clean yet. I’ve to continue treating them, but the staff showed me how to do it. They’ll even visit me to help! I’m really grateful that they’ve cared for my girls. I know, it’s their job, but I became a Mom – everybody who is doing his best to care for my ‘babies’ is a hero.

This was my normal view when I was sitting in their cage (observe Kajsa’s ear on the second picture! She loved to sit there). I felt sometimes bad, because the other cats were observing us. They also wanted to play and were jealous.

animal shelter