Weekly review – week 14 (2015)

My feline week

What a week! Last week was a crazy feline week, whilst I now had a crazy blogging one: the A to Z challenge started on Wednesday. It’s a lot of fun, but also very intensive. I’m reading a lot of blogs and try to come up with post titles for the letter of the day. A was for feline artwork, B for murderer in my bedroom, C for cats and computers, and D for getting things done. In short: my godchild drew a header for my blog. I believed that cats can prevent computer rage behavior, but I got very frustrated when I uploaded my new header. Voldemort was almost causing a heart attack, but at least my furniture is stable now.

I haven’t seen my cats that often. The shelter is always closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and now during Easter. I’m so much longing for them! Despite my rare visits, they seem to recognize me. Cat versus human made a funny cat versus dog comic strip about cats and dogs welcoming their humans. For some ‘strange reasons’ she named the comic Unless I have treats. Kajsa and Tessa are however still happy to see me and greet me when I enter their cage. I got to know them a bit better, and discovered that my cats are Millennials.

Cats and mental health

  • Your Cat published an article on How Your Cat Can Benefit Your Mental Health. “It’s really important not to understate the benefits that both medication and traditional talking therapies can and do have; but for many people living with depression, cats may just be the missing piece of that therapeutic puzzle.”
  • Every Day Health posted an article on Diabetes And Cats, and how cats can help you with diabetes management. “Now, more than 11 years after her adoption, his pet has become an ally in an unexpected area of Taub’s life — his fight against type 2 diabetes”
  • The Dodo told us the story about five-year-old Grace and her cat Thula. Thula is such a great Pet Therapy For Autism “But Thula is more than just a playmate. The cat is a source of stability and comfort for Iris during some of her darker moods.”
  • A friend of mine wondered if I could teach my cats to give me a massage. I really hope so!

Blogger of the week

My personal blogger of the week is Pikku Punapippuri. Karen had some issues with her cats marking their territory. She used black light to reveal urine marking spots and scrubbed all her walls. Punapippuri was angry, but Karen wouldn’t listen to his arguments: “it has taken me years to build up this chat room. These are an archaeological record of my monarchy”. I was impressed by her work, but I also had a good laugh when she continued posting funny evidence pictures throughout the week.