Weekly review – week 13 (2015)

pfoetchen.wg 12My crazy feline week

Huh huh. What an emotional week! I was thrilled when I adopted two cats. However, I got very scared whether I made the right decision. I freaked out because I thought I was allergic to cats. I felt ‘pure happiness’ whilst taming my cats. I was sad when I found out that Aloe Vera is toxic to cats. I spent a lot of time shopping cat supplies and choosing cat names.

In short: the cats already own me, and I should really rename my blog to When Sanity’s Away, Hysteria Will Play.


Cats and mental health

Amanda Green shared how she overcame borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depression. Her rescue cat Titus helped her mental health recovery.

The American Psychological Association published an article on Friends With Benefits: On the Positive Consequences of Pet Ownership. Cats do not only support mental health patients, but also “everyday people”. The study also finds that cats are as important as friends!

An Italian study on pet therapy finds that all animals can support mental health – even a goldfish!

Blogger of the week

I can’t help it; my personal blogger of the week is again 3+1 cats. No, Silke didn’t build a new cat balcony, but she gave me ‘a helping hand’. She assumed that the cat’s rough tongue had caused the rash on my hand, and made her cat licking her hand several times: Silke’s hand looked worse than mine. I was so touched. I knew blogging was social, but I’d never expected that my readers would become so engaged! Thank you so much for sacrificing your hand!


I should just listen to Pfötchen WG‘s cat: shake off your worries – everything’s gonna be alright!

pfoetchen.wg 13All pictures are provided by Pfoetchen.Wg. Visit her Facebook page to see more photos of her 9 feline friends. Disclaimer: Pfoetchen.Wg and I aren’t affiliates, neither of us receives a commission for this. I just love her pictures and I’m thankful that I may use them on my blog.