Weekly review – week 12 (2015)

I thought about having a weekly review on Sundays. I’ll review what happened on my and on other blogs and announce my blogger of the week. And last, but not least: I try to link to all articles dealing with cats and mental health. I’m afraid it’s a very long review this week, because this whole blog thing is so new to me. There were so many things to learn and read!

My blog on cats

… has grown during the last week. Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts! I’ve been quite active on social media. This is a new world to me, because I don’t have any active personal social media accounts. Nevertheless, I managed to make

You’re more than welcome to follow me!

I learnt that social media are indeed social. I was thrilled when Pfötchen WG and 7 Zwerge aus dem Neckertal agreed to cooperate with me by letting me use their pictures. I contacted them because I thought it’d be a win-win situation. I’m now allowed to use their cat pictures on my blog. This is great, because I don’t have own photos. And for being honest, I’m a really lousy photographer. Even if I had cats, my pictures wouldn’t have been good. In return, I link to their pages and do thus support them. Write me an email at catATwhenthecatisaway.com if you’re also interested in sharing your pictures!

My feline week

Well. I’m still living without cats, but a lot has happened. I found out I can’t have outdoor cats and wrote a post on indoor versus outdoor cats. I talked about kittens versus adult cats, why two cats are better than one and how cats can improve my mental health. I found a great litter box place and started to cat-proof my home. AND: I decided to go to my local animal shelter next week! So exited!

Cats and Mental Health

Ok, these articles are not solely from this week, but nevertheless worth reading.

  • Huffington Post gives 11 reasons why cats make you happy and healthy. “And while all pets can help play a role in improving depression symptoms, cats are particularly calm and peaceful”
  • Ingrid King from The Conscious Cat posted a book review on “No better medicine” by Kelly Meister-Yetter. “Meister’s stories will make you smile, laugh, cry and nod your head in recognition.  By sharing her story of how the critters were an integral part of her own healing journey, Kelly Meiste-Yetter provides hope for others on a similar path.”
  • Ellen Pitch from 15andmeowing shared on her Twitter account that only dogs, and no cats, are allowed on pet therapy in hospitals. “A visit from a furry companion can give comfort to patients in the hospital, but new guidelines recommend that only dogs — and not cats — be allowed in hospitals for pet therapy programs”
    My friend’s cat Camillo got quite upsetcat versus dog
  • Missy Zane from How To Live With Cats  wrote a post on why you should pet your cat as often as you can. “Petting a live animal produces greater alpha waves on the left side of the brain, indicating depression and a depressed immune system even out and become less pronounced when you’re petting a cat or dog”
  • The Brittish Mental Health Foundation published a research on Cats and Mental Health. “(Cats) provide a great source of comfort, companionship and motivation for their owners and help reduce anxiety and stress. This concept has also been referred to as ‘purr therapy.’ ”
    I really like the term ‘purr therapy’

Blogger of the week

 3+1 cats. Silke had a big project and built a separate balcony for her cats! Yes, you read it correctly: it’s not a normal balcony, but a cat balcony, solely for her cats. I really love the result, her cats must be so happy!

(Good news for us: if someone again says that we’re crazy, we can always refer to that cat balcony. Bad news: I’d really like to get a cat balcony as well!)