W as in Whisper. Precious moments

Some moments are so sweet that I try to be as silent as possible. That’s also why I don’t have pictures of the cutest.

I should have never gotten cats; I’m far too soft-hearted. I really wanted to be on the sofa, but Kajsa was so sweet that I just couldn’t wake her. Pay attention to the phone – she finally managed to get it for herself!

cat occupies sofa

She isn’t so often on the sofa though, because they both like to spend their days on my bed. They would occasionally come to the first floor to get petted (Kajsa) or asking for more food (Tessa), but they normally leave after 5-10 minutes. And yes, Tessa is now eating! She doesn’t know though that 25% of her meal consists of the food she denied to eat. Hehe. Kajsa is really cute when she visits me: she comes in, jumps on my belly, purrs for some minutes and goes away.

Oh, and sometimes she’s taking a nap in the shelf.

cat shelves are cozy
Tessa is unpredictable in her choice of cozy spots. Today she discovered the cold floor next to the litter box. (Uff. I really need to vacuum-clean!)

litter for cats

Tessa is a perfect blogger cat, because it’s easy to get weird pictures of her.