Uptown Girls

Mom was really excited when she came home – which normally means that she bought something for us that we’ll neglect. Oh yes, we know our human too well, but we couldn’t have guessed what she brought this time along because she outnumbered herself: hay. Let me repeat this. HAY.


I couldn’t believe my nose and had a closer look. Hay. Does she think I’m a rabbit or even a German Mäuschen ??


She made two boxes and tried to encourage us to use them.


She thought that we’d love to snuggle in hay, to keep us warm, to play, to enjoy the balcony in winter time, to give us the chance to live in our natural habitat, to…. STOP. Natural habitat?? Do we look like ordinary farm cats??

Bottom line: two fine boxes are wasted, waiting for nothing on the balcony.  She needed ages to get the rug hay-free and wasted money she could have spent on treats. Bah. Well at least we had something to eat and to throw up…

tessa nov2015