X as in X-Files. A mysterious day

Kajsa: One mystery is already solved. Mamma was a bit worried about the letter x, but she came eventually up with something. Indeed, our day was mysterious. Mamma was puzzled about her my sofa today. Hehe.

cat is hiding under blankets

Kajsa: Mamma was also wondering how she could get me to lay down when she wanted to clean my ears. I don’t think it’s a mystery though: it’s impossible.
Mamma: Ah ja? I’ve a mystery for you then: how come that your ears got cleaned? cat denies medicine

Mamma: Kajsa is right, I’ve been wondering about some things today. The kitchen’s window board is very small, and I don’t understand why they don’t use the table. However, my small Einsteins are not as graceful as they think. Both have tried to jump on the non-existing window board in my bedroom. Hehe. Their leap was entertaining, but not very elegant. stupid cats

Tessa: Mamma brought an interesting letter home. We instantly knew it was for us (you’re so spoiled! /Mamma)presents for your cat

Tessa: now, that’s great!

Mamma: Even Kajsa could be bothered to have a closer look. (Of course I’ll play with gifts from Italy! /Kajsa) Eh. Italy? Don’t be too sure about that, Signora. You still have to solve this mystery!
new toys for your cat

Mamma: A string toy with a fish appeared. Tessa got so excited and run as fast as she could to catch the fish. However, it didn’t take long until the boss decided that Tessa was not allowed to play with the fish.  cats fighting over toy

Mamma: Sigh. Kajsa’s behavior is really awful. She normally isn’t even interested in toys; she’s just jealous that Tessa gets my attention. Eh. Wait a moment. What?? Since when is Kajsa crazy about playing with string toys? (This isn’t a mystery. If you had bothered to buy us REAL toys, I would have played with them. I don’t like your DIY toys! /Kajsa)  cat doesnt want to share toys

Tessa: Fortunately, Mamma found a second fish. Trouble is: Kajsa always wants to have the fish I’m playing with! Oh. A treat? Hmmm. Extraordinary! I really loved this one!! Kajsa didn’t want me to touch hers, but she didn’t eat it either. She’s really complicated. Queen of Drama! DIY cat treats

Kajsa: Pff. I’m always the Queen here, not only when it comes to drama. Wait a moment – King Kitty Cat of Finland (North)??? WHAT? Wow! What a nice surprise! The Oulu gang has apparently accepted our peace proposal: they get the North, we get the South. Hehe. I’m just wondering if Punapippuri knows that Äiti has saved some of Mom Trish’s special treats for us? I’ve to give him some credits though: his favorite toy, the fish, is really great!  Our Mamma is new to the cat business, it’s great that she gets some professional help! cat letters

Kajsa: Wait a moment, Mamma! The mystery post isn’t done yet. I’m wondering why King Punapippuri has his own cards, and I (ok, we) don’t? cat requires treats

Mamma: Indeed, some mysteries aren’t solved yet. What treats do Kajsa like?? 26 cats in Oulu and Nevada love CHIKKUN TITZ, but she didn’t eat hers. I need to find something, because it’d be great to have a treat after the ear cleaning. Thank you, Karin, for the other treats in the letter! I’ll test them, and hope that my drama queen will like one of them.

Thank you so much for this wonderful parcel! I was so touched, and my girls really liked it!!