Weekly Review – week 17 (2015) and Sunday Selfie

The week of the year!

I suddenly felt that I wasn’t prepared for my cats, and continued catifying my home. It really was a Wordless Wednesday: I thought that I could take my girls home, but I wanted to wait for the vet’s opinion. It was hard to go home without them, and I wrote about my shelter experiences. Thursday was finally Gotcha Day! It’s only April, but I’m sure it was my most favorite day of 2015. Everything went fine, but I freaked out when Tessa denied her food. She finally ate something after I had asked the shelter for advice.

In short: I was hysterical most of the time, but also very happy!

Cats and Mental Health

Both are bringing so much joy to my life, but there’s even more: they make sure that I get up in time, and Kajsa comforted me when I was feeling bad. They’ve been only living here for 3 days, but I already can’t imagine a life without them.

Blogger of the week

… is the Katnip Lounge. Mom Trish was travelling all the way from the US to Finland to take care of Punapippuri, because his Äiti (Mom) had undergone surgery. Mom Trish didn’t only make Chikkun Titz, but also … eh … very special toys for cats. It was fun following the happenings in Oulu on their blogs, and I hope that Mom Trish has a safe trip home.

Sunday Selfie*

my cat is a philosopherHi, it’s me, Tessa. I’m still the Queen of Selfies here. Just have a look at my fellow morons, and you’ll understand what I mean!
selfie gone wrongDo you remember that I didn’t know what a Mom is? I finally figured it out. We speak Swedish most of the time, and I got confused. The human says it means Mamma in Swedish. I can’t recall that we ever had a human Mamma though. Mammas seem to be great persons, or at least ours is. We found out that it’s really easy to boss her around, because she is so concerned and worried about us. I think it’s weird that she gets so excited about my poop. I mean, I do my very best to hide it in the litter box, but she’ll use a strange spoon to search for my stinky poop.

Indeed, Mammas are really weird. And evil! I really don’t get her – she’s most of the time busy to serve us, but then she had suddenly the Evil Bottle in her hands. It has something to do with our dirty ears. I was so glad when I found out that the sadistic humans from the shelter don’t live here. They really liked to put liquids in our ears, and then they would dry them with a tissue. What’s the point?? Mamma says that she needs to clean our ears, because we had ear mites. I don’t care what her reasons are; I don’t want her to do that! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized that she had bought the shelter’s Evil Bottle!

Mamma is unfortunately stronger than me, so I didn’t have a choice. Kajsa was furious when Mamma tried to clean her ears. Mamma is stronger, but Kajsa is faster. It was fun watching the two of them; Mamma had severe problems to keep Kajsa from running away. Well, it stopped being funny when Kajsa run to the second floor. She’s the Queen of Drama here. Mamma had some treats for us, but Kajsa was so angry that she didn’t want to take them. I don’t know why Kajsa was also mad at me; she got furious when I tried to eat my treats. Sigh.

Kajsa tried to ignore Mamma for the rest of the evening. It’s funny, because she wanted Mamma to comfort her at the same time. Kajsa normally likes to sit on Mamma’s chest, but she was laying behind Mamma’s head yesterday evening. Mamma wasn’t allowed to look at her, but Kajsa still expected her to pet. She got away with her sulky and childish behavior, because Mamma was so upset. She was so afraid that she had destroyed Kajsa’s trust.

offended catKajsa denied waking up Mamma this morning at 6.55 am. What did I say? She’s such a drama queen. I mean, also my ears got cleaned, and I certainly didn’t like it either. I think that we’ve to accept that Mamma has to clean our ears, but Kajsa just sneered. She reminded me that I don’t eat Mamma’s food, even though Mamma told us that it’s really healthy. Hmpf. She’s got a point there. I decided to cuddle with Mamma at 7.30 am, and she was so happy to see me!

Now I’ve to go. Kajsa decided to forgive Mamma, she’s purring on her chest. That’s a perfect moment to search for the earring I had yesterday! Mamma took it away, but I’m sure I’ll find it. She’s so busy with Kajsa that she doesn’t really see what I’m doing, so this is a great opportunity!


*A blog hop is a specific topic bloggers write about on a certain day. The blog hop (hopping from one blog to another) collects all links, and makes it easy to see how others have interpreted this topic. This posting was part of The Cat On My Head’s blog hop Selfie Sunday.