Toddler Terror

SHE IS BACK !!!!! Finally! Not only did she leave us alone over night, but was also late: she promised to be back by 9 am, but wasn’t here until 11 am ! She didn’t even feel guilty for her delay, but claims that she had no choice ?!

Mom was in charge of her 1,5-year-old godson. She picked him up at 4 pm, slept at his place, and was supposed to drop him off at daycare at 8.30 am. Unfortunately, he became sick, coughed through the night and had a temperature. (Oh, doesn’t this imp know how to make a scene??) Our human says that you can’t bring sick children to daycare, and that you absolutely can’t leave a toddler alone. So she had to stay two more hours until his mother came up with a solution. For some complicated reason, his mother was out-of-town and his father abroad.

We don’t think it’s complicated. Everybody knows that toddlers are terrorists. No wonder his parents run away and blackmailed our human to take care of him. She falls for everybody who’s a brat, but looks cute and plays helpless – after all, that’s exactly what we cats do for a living.

what does it mean when my cat lays on her side

So she can’t leave a toddler for 2 hours on his own, but us for many many hours?? Let’s do the math: she left at 3.30 pm and came home at 11.00 am. In other words, she was away for 19,5 hours!!

Bah. There’s no way we’ll let her catch up on some sleep after taking care of a whining toddler last night. Feline friends: what is the longest your human ever left you without a catsitter?? Are almost 20 hours OK??