The Winner Takes It All

why do long-haired cats look so cute Talking of gifts: we didn’t get anything for Christmas!

Our human says that

a) we’ve not been good girls
b) we’re only cats – she doesn’t even give Christmas presents to humans.
c) that she didn’t get anything for Christmas either (see b)

“Only cats” , “not good girls” … How dare she? And her lies continue: she didn’t get any Christmas presents*, BUT she stole Granny’s gift!

Yesterday we showed that Granny got some expensive high-tech recorder / hard drive for her tv.  And guess who’s playing with it now? Right. Our human. She stole her own mother’s Christmas gift!

She says that she’s installing, updating and explaining the device for her mother. She thinks she’s unselfish, and that her mother is grateful for her help. Bah. We know that humans love pressing buttons and playing with anything that has a screen, so she can’t fool us. She’s a thief!


* Note to L.: she loved your homemade candy! We cats don’t consider it a gift though because we got treats, too, and that’s something we should get all day every day.