The Royal Dynasty of Helsinki

She said she abandoned us because she had to take care of her godson. We thought she was talking about a human child. However, her clothes smelled very bad of male cat. We confiscated her phone to search for evidence and couldn’t believe our eyes.

Turned out she also took care of Valdo-Voldemort , her friend’s cat. Don’t get fooled by his harmless looks; oh no, we know better than that. Valdo is quite a legend and made it to our blog before Mom adopted us!

Some years ago, he lived at our human’s place while his family was on a vacation. He only stayed for a week, but did an impressive job in keeping Mom on her toes: he did not only scare her to death in the middle of the night, but also made an ever so small excursion. Mom and her friend are still wondering how this cat managed to unlock the balcony door .

While we admire his legendary mischief, we don’t like his attitude on this picture. Looks like he got himself a throne here, being very satisfied with himself, thinking that he’s the Prince of Helsinki…

Obviously, we can’t tolerate another royal family in our hometown, so we’ve to do something.

Any ideas?