The perfect wardrobe for cats

We forgot to mention some important “details” yesterday. In fact, it’s only fair that we’ve free access to “her” closet.

We had a very cat-friendly wardrobe at our old place. Just look! No walls, no doors, only curtains!! We kitties could go and leave as we please and we had a great platform on top of the wardrobe! Mom again had a dust-free storage for her clothes. We’re sorry for the bad quality, Mom took these pictures on the very last evening at our old place, because she suddenly remembered that she always wanted to blog about our wardrobe.

We’re still angry that Mom sold this perfect cat wardrobe because it’ll be very hard to get the same again. Mom bought it second-hand many years ago. All her friends admired her wardrobe, but they couldn’t get it themselves because Ikea stopped the production at some point in the 90s. So why on earth did Mom not move it to our new place?!?

She says that our new flat has enough (hear hear) built-in cabinets, and that she won’t storage furniture for potential future apartments. She made a big mistake there, and we know that she’ll regret it some day. Bah. So the least she could do was to give us free access to the new closet?