The (of)fence

Tessa here. I can’t believe it, but all birds disappeared from our backyard! Good news is that we can use our garden again – some of you may remember that we cats were afraid of mad gulls. The flip side – well, we didn’t get to eat the chicks.

Cat in front of a new fence

Here I’m inspecting our new fence. So weird – do humans really think that a fence will protect our garden from being invaded by crazy gangsta gulls? Don’t they know that birds can fly??

Cat looks through fence

The fence does not only fail to stop birds, but also squirrels. Not that I’m complaining about squirrels in our garden. No, squirrels are indeed guests I highly appreciate!

cat moves whiskers when watching animals

Mom loves that I can move my whiskers, and it never stops fascinating her that my whiskers stick out when I observe squirrels. Well. Thinking of humans’ confined abilities to move their hair, I’m not surprised, hehe.