The cat is still in the bag

cat-bagNow this is embarrassing. I spent a lot of time starting this blog. I outlined quite a few postings to test if I’ve enough material for a blog. However, I somehow ‘forgot’ that you don’t know me. That you can’t know what my upcoming postings will deal with. No wonder it’s confusing what I really want to say: do I like cats? Have I decided whether I want cats? Thank you, Timmy Tomcat, for making me aware of that!

Bottom line: Until recently, I haven’t cared for cats. Ashley (and no, this blog is not about our friendship) texted me the other day: It’s funny, you were never interested in my cats and now you’ve become a crazy cat lady. This message says it all:
I have difficulties to believe this now, but I really didn’t get why people are so crazy about cats. So what changed? Some of my friends were getting cats and I guess I got every time more enthusiastic. During their holidays, I was cat sitting and fell in love with my feline roommates. There wasn’t one certain moment, but over time, I was more and more longing for my own cats. Retrospectively, we are maybe talking about 2-3 years.

Last Easter, I decided I wanted to get cats, but was afraid of the costs. Being on a long-lasting sick leave (we are rather talking years than months) means that your financial resources are low. Very low. Obviously, this is not the best time of your life to have pets. I’m blessed with good friends and a great family. They eventually convinced me to overcome my financial fears and promised to help in the event of sudden vet bills. I can afford the monthly costs of food and cat litter. Since January 2015, I’m actively searching for my cats. This process seems to last longer than I thought, so in the meantime, I’ll recall some funny cat episodes of my non-feline life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are several reasons why it’s not that easy to adopt a cat. I’ll write separate postings on these topics; it would be too much to post everything now, but here’s what I’m searching for:

I hope the cat is out of the bag now, and that this blog makes more sense. Postings dealing with ‘horrible cats’ are only for entertainment; I’m very keen on cats and I’ll get some as soon as possible. By the way: I don’t work for IKEA, but I wonder if my friends’ cat is secretly working for a commission?