Thank you for the music

One of the reasons we had blog breaks in the past was the time I spend in the blogging community. I’ve no idea how you’re all doing it, reading so many blogs every day, commenting, Facebook, Twitter, you name it … This time around, I’ve promised myself to keep focus: to post (almost) every day.

Thank you so much for commenting on our posts, I’m very flattered and appreciate each and every one of them. The reason why I don’t comment every day on your blogs is that it is simply too much. I’ve quite a different life now and don’t have so much time anymore.

nice selfie with my cat

I know that the blogging business is often “comment for comment” / “share for share”, and that is completely fine: I’m neither angry nor disappointed if you don’t have time to hang around here anymore, even though I’d miss you 😉


foolish servant to cats