Busy Office Hours

We’ve worked very hard on showing our Australian Intruder that she’s not welcome anymore.

We were thrilled when we heard that she had used all her vacation days, but our excitement didn’t last long as she can work from “home” (bah). Every morning, after having Brekkie, she turns OUR table into her home office. We tried to make our point by occupying our table, and foolishly hoped that Mom would support us. Can you believe that she warned K. that I’m probably waiting for my chance to “steal” her headphones?? Bah. Those headphones are on my table, so they’re mine, and I can’t technically steal my own property.


Kajsa and I are not always soul mates, but she backed me up big time. Our plan is to prevent K. from working, and hope that her boss gets fed up and requires her return to Straya.


It’s interesting though that this woman has an employment at all, because she’s not very bright. How can she believe that I want to snuggle with her?? Can’t she see that I’m telling her to leave?


Only good news: we overheard a Skype call with her husband: she said that she’s looking forward to Chrissie and a Barbie. It’s of course crazy that an Australian visits Finland in winter time, but she sure isn’t so crazy that she wants to barbecue in Finland in December??


tessa nov2015