HELP! Our office strategy didn’t work out! This woman is not only stupid, but also dangerous!

We’re now her cheeky monkeys and cuter than chockie bikkies. Ok, we’re used to humans calling us stupid names, and to be honest: we’re rather a cheeky monkey to Australians than a Mäuschen (mousey) to Germans. What we don’t accept, under any circumstances, is that she said that we would be the perfect chrissy prezzy for hubby. She wants to catnapp us to Australia!!!!

Mom said that

  1. She wouldn’t let K. do that  (hear hear)
  2. Australian customs are crazy and very strict.

We dunno. It’s probably best that we stay in the bedroom at day time, and move to the living room when K. goes to bed.


However, we’ve to be on our feet around the clock because K. is sometimes nocturnal, and calls her boss, hubby and customers in the middle of the night! We start to wonder whether she really belongs to the human species as humans typically sleep at night. Is she an alien? Isn’t her weird language also a strong indicator??

Oh kitties, this is all very exhausting and confusing. We’re glad that we cats are ever so flexible with our diurnal rhythm – she talked about this chrissy-prezzy-hubby thing at 5 am when Mom was sleeping!!!!!!! Very suspicious!


tessa und kajsa nov2015