visitors should leave after a few days

Post-traumatic Exhaustion

Do I look exhausted? You bet I am. Our visitor finally left, and we’re all trying to catch up some sleep.

cat resting after visitors

We’re sorry for the blog break – our human was so tired that she couldn’t think clearly. Can you believe that she actually pre-wrote some postings to keep our blog running, but FORGOT to schedule them? Bah.

I guess we’re lucky that she didn’t forget to feed us? She said that we’ll go back to daily posts now, but we don’t dare to promise anything. Her memory is like a sieve!


Find The Cat

Dear feline friends,

I know we were thrilled about our new servant K., but she became an intruder after a while. Can you believe that she’s still staying at OUR place??! Mom says that Australia is far far away (we really hope so!), and that nobody would go for a short trip from Australia to Europe. Bah. Of course people do. But apparently not K. Suck.

Just look at this: the good bed times are gone, I’ve hardly any space!



– Mom didn’t blog. She neither read your blogs!
– She closes the door when she goes to the bathroom!
– We don’t get her full attention!
– They put K’s suitcase in the cellar because it took too much space!

Only good news: K.’s now “working from home” (home?!?) so Mom has more time for blogging now. Which is only fair because we’ve lot’s of horror stories to tell about our ordeal.


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