When the toddler’s away

Bah! So that’s Mom’s salary for abandoning us and taking care of her godchild: she caught his flu. Our first thought was something like “serves her right” , but who’s now on duty nursing whining humans? Right. It’s us! Where’s this toddler now, when our human needs somebody to take care of her?? This little imp is having a blast and leaves Mom to her fate!!

my cat takes care of me when I feel bad

Oddly enough, Mom’s actually thankful that the toddler from hell is not staying with her while she’s sick – she says that toddlers are very bad nurses. ?? Humans are so screwed up.

headphones vs cat

On the bright side – I can spot my salary for nursing Mom. Let’s hope that she’s falling asleep in this very position, and this blue tasty cord will be mine, hehehe.