Review: Thrive Premium Plus Dry Food

This is not a sponsored post.

My cats eat normally only wet food. I give dry food as treats, at special occasions and in so-called Interactive Toys. I like the ingredients of Thrive Dry Food, and the girls are toally crazy about it: I can even use Thrive kibbles for our clicker training!

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Dried chicken meat (64.5%), fresh chicken (16.5%), chicken fat (6%), sweet potato, potato, chicken gravy (3%), vitamins and minerals, salmon oil

Chicken with turkey
Dried chicken (52%), dried turkey (13%), freshly prepared chicken (13%), chicken fat (6%), potato, sweet potato, freshly prepared turkey (4%), chicken gravy (3%), minerals, vitamins, salmon oil


Feeding guide


Please weigh the kibbles – you’ll probably be surprised how little you need. Please note: I don’t recommend to feed only dry food. I give kibbles as treats, not as a meal.



800 gr – 11€ (28 oz – 12$).

It’s one of the cheapest high quality brands I’ve found, and I’m wondering if I’ve overseen something? A month costs 22€ / 24$ according to the feeding guide for an average cat. That’s about 0,70€ / 0,80$ a day.



I haven’t seen any other dry food with such a high meat  percentage. So at first glance, Thrive is both cheaper and better than other high-quality brands.

Tessa and Kajsa love both flavors, but I see at least one significant difference: meat is only listed in Thrive Chicken. That makes me wonder how much (and which) meat-by-products other components contain. However, even if “chicken” and “turkey” were mostly meat-by-products, Thrive dry food would still be better than most other brands. I’d recommend to buy Thrive Chicken instead of Thrive Chicken and Turkey, because Thrive Chicken consists of 64% meat: the manufacturer didn’t specify other components.

Please note: I’m not an expert on cat food. I’ve spent a lot of time on this post, but I can’t guarantee that this information is correct. I’d love to hear your input here!


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