Cat vs dog 1:0

In hindsight, we should have known that something “doggy” was going to happen. Our human normally orders our food and litter online and the latest shipment arrived 2 days prior to our departure. We were very curious when this box showed up among all cat items – a “Super Box” for dogs?!

cat steals dogs gifts

We weren’t allowed to touch it because it was “for somebody else”. However, Tessa somehow managed to get her teeth on it, hehe.

Dog got a present but cat took it

She didn’t only destroy the box, but got hold of some very interesting pouches with dog treats.

can cats eat dog treats

Hehehehehehehe. We sure taught Intruder Dog a lesson – the lamb sticks were gone before he arrived. And also our human got her share: she had to clean a rug on our departure day because we ate far too much lamb. Well, that serves her right, how dare she give our great manor house to a dog?!