A king-size bed for the Queens

It’s me, Kajsa. Tessa has been dominating this blog lately, but in case you were wondering – I’m still the boss. We weren’t too thrilled when Mamma took us abroad, but we’re now enjoying our holidays: we’re ruling this place, and our new servants are excellent.

katze liebt mein kopfkissenThis is me taking a nap on Mamma’s pillow. She’s sleeping next to granny in the king-size bed. Yes, that’s right; grandpa gave Mamma his bed – because of us! I mean – have you ever succeeded in making humans giving up their beds?!?

The humans thought it’d be important for us to see Mamma during our first night here. We’ve now been here for over a week, and grandpa is still abandoned. He’s sleeping in a room we don’t have access to (bah, more on this later!). So yes, the humans clearly understood who’s in charge here. It’s great that we can wake Mamma early in the morning when we’re hungry or bored.

We also like to sleep there during the day, but we will always stay on Mamma’s side of the king-size bed. It’s not that we don’t like granny, but part of our bigger plan: first of all, it makes Mamma feel important and keeps her going. She’s foolish enough to think that she’s the most important person to us. Second, we want the humans to continue their weird sleeping arrangements: we want to wake Mamma in the morning, and scare entertain granny at night. She’s a light sleeper and we’re having so much fun with her!