It works every time. Being your cats’ foolish servant.

cats occupy my bedThey wake me up. They stress me until I give up and go downstairs. They hurry me whilst I’m in the bathroom. They sit hungry in front of their bowls. I’ve problems mixing their food with probiotics, because they already start eating. I put the food on the floor, they start fighting. Needless to say that they’ve two bowls, both want to eat from the same.

I make my breakfast. Their own food isn’t interesting anymore; both try to eat from my plate. They walk on my keyboard and try to distract me as much as they can. Their own food is untouched.

They go upstairs and stay for some hours on my bed. Their mission is accomplished: they’ve stressed and bossed me around, and now they’ve my bed for themselves. Indeed, my bed is far too small for two cats and one human.

They come eventually downstairs and eat all the food – it’s not that they didn’t like it; they just don’t want to eat it right away. They’ll however starve if I don’t feed them early in the morning.