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Kajsa is recovering!

Hallelujah! I had no idea what was waiting me when I decided to get cats! I’m actually quite proud of myself: I wasn’t hysterical yesterday, but stayed calm. I’m definitely progressing – a hairball freaked me out when I took Kajsa and Tessa home, and now I was able to deal with a potential overdose. Thank you, The 3 Cats and Punapippuri for helping me yesterday! And thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, it was great to know that I wasn’t lonely. You really warmed my heart.

First of all and most important: Kajsa is much better!

sick cat recoveringShe ate a lot, more than she normally does. She was stressing me when I made breakfast and was apparently close to starving. At least from a cat’s point of view; humans may think that one full bowl works for breakfast, but she wanted a second before she even touched the first. So we’re back to the normal craziness of living with cats. She has also done some washing today, she was too tired for that yesterday. She’s still a bit weak though and very tired. She tried to play with her ball for 2 minutes, but was too exhausted to catch it. I can tell from her eyes that she’s still sick, but she’s so much better than yesterday! She slept most parts of the day, but she doesn’t want to be alone anymore – my chest was her favorite spot today.

So I think I was doing the right thing yesterday. Punapippuri made an important point: (more…)

Poopy Post. Our diarrhea journey

I write a diary to keep track of their diarrhea and medical treatment. However, I thought it might be a good idea to write a summary as well.

Before it gets too confusing: they also have issues with their ears, but I believe that this is not related to their diarrhea – they had ear problems long before their diarrhea started. They had ear mites at the shelter. The vet confirmed on May 11th that they don’t have ear mites anymore, but now an ear infection (bacterial). They got antibiotic ear drops for 2 weeks, additionally to the daily ear cleaning.


  • Biobak (Lactobacillus in English? / probiotics and vitamins). Helps to regulate the stomach, especially during antibiotic treatment). Starting May 7th
  • Tylosin (antibiotics) May 11th – May 23rd. 120 mg (60 mg in the morning, 60 mg in the evening)
  • Axilur (deworming) May 21st – May 26th. 250 mg
  • Ears: Canofite (antibiotics) 5 drops / ear twice a day (+ ear cleaning)


Status Quo: diarrhea, ear infection and mental illness

Mamma had one of her nightmares the other day. She was at the psychiatric hospital where she stayed for three months last year. The nurses had taken us away, because Mamma didn’t take care of us. Well, she did, but her house was such a mess, that the psychiatrists decided that Mamma couldn’t take care of herself, and certainly not of her cats. This nightmare never seemed to stop; she was cleaning all the time, but it wasn’t good enough. Tessa and I were lonely and on death row, and Mamma was exhausted and distressed. She tried to smuggle us somewhere in a parcel, but the nurses controlled all her bags and boxes.

I think the nurses sound very evil; I want to bite them and pee on their beds. Mamma says that it’s really bad to be on psychiatric ward, but the nurses weren’t evil. Mamma didn’t know her own best when she was there, and that’s why they decided everything for her, even though Mamma didn’t agree. (more…)

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