Feline Domestic Politics

Feline friends! If you’re not reading a lot of cat blogs, this post will be confusing. Short version: Don’t read and comment on too many cat blogs!

Long version: The self-proclaimed king of Finland (N), Punapippuri and I, the Queen of Finland (S), had a political controversy. One member of his family, Veikko, is a sphynx. Despite his young age, he’s got a lot of wrinkles. My Mom has been wondering whether my skin is as wrinkly as his. Good for her, but she’s threatened to shave me if I don’t let her sense my skin!!! So I thought I could rely on my colleague Punapippuri, and asked him to stop showing pictures of Veikko.

I realize now that I put him in a difficult position. Veikko is one of his subjects, so of course he has to prioritize him. He said that he won’t stop showing pictures of Veikko. Fair enough, but then he lost it and wrote “Send us a photo Kajsa! Hehehehehe.”

cat is up to no goodI got ready for a fight and asked for Aila’s contact details. Punapippuri is afraid of this brave girlcat, and I knew she’d help me out.

I also asked for King Spitty the Kitty’s advice.

Here’s what you need: A map of Northern Europe–or better yet, the entire GLOBE. Pose upon it with a LARGE PAW (claws extended is best) plopped right down over Finland(N). It makes him CRAZY. Honestly, he is *SO* insecure. It takes very little for him to feel threatened. I say Go for it. Do not allow your Human anywhere near you with a razor. If you follow this advice, you should be safe.

However, before I could show Punapippuri this brave picture of me, a map of Finland (N) with my paws, or talk to Aila, he’s been apologizing. Accepted.

Now to the shaving part: if Mom can’t sense my skin because I’m moving too much, she won’t be able to shave me. UNLESS she’s investing in a vet. And we know that she won’t go that far.

So Punapippuri – bring those wrinkly pictures on: it drives Mom crazy that she doesn’t know how wrinkly we are!!!

kajsa nov2015