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Q as in Questions. Why do I never feel prepared?

Ah! 2 days to go, and I’m very close to freaking out. On the one hand, I can’t wait until the day after tomorrow (!), on the other hand, I feel so unprepared! I still need to fix so many things, and my perfectionist behavior is driving me crazy.

This has been a VERY long adoption process, so why on earth do I not feel prepared? (more…)

H as in Halfway. The long wait for my rescue cats

It’s been over 2 weeks since I adopted Tessa and Kajsa, and I’ve to wait for another 2 weeks until I finally can take them home. Their ear mites are the reason for this slow adoption process. The shelter requires that their cats are as healthy as possible when they’re coming to their new home.

The long waiting period has its benefits. (more…)

Weekly review – week 13 (2015)

pfoetchen.wg 12My crazy feline week

Huh huh. What an emotional week! I was thrilled when I adopted two cats. However, I got very scared whether I made the right decision. I freaked out because I thought I was allergic to cats. I felt ‘pure happiness’ whilst taming my cats. I was sad when I found out that Aloe Vera is toxic to cats. I spent a lot of time shopping cat supplies and choosing cat names.

In short: the cats already own me, and I should really rename my blog to When Sanity’s Away, Hysteria Will Play. (more…)

“One only understands the things that one tames,” said the fox

Thank you for all your support! I was embarrassed because I freaked out. I had difficulties dealing with my feelings. There were so many emotions: fear, happiness, anxiety, worries, euphoria… wonder why I couldn’t sleep last night. I feel better today, meaning I’m more stable. I’m more and more convinced I made the right decision. I woke up this morning and realized I had become a mother. I couldn’t think about anything else than my little babies. I wasn’t happy though, but very worried: do they have earache? Do they get good care? Does the staff have enough time for them? Did they eat? Do they ever get out of their cage? Are they bored, depressed, fearful? (more…)

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