Please tell me that there’s some idea behind it

Tessa the builder

Some days after moving to our new place, I discovered something I’d rather not seen: a leaking water pipe in the kitchen. The following construction work drove me nuts, but surprisingly, the cats coped rather well.

I totally got Tessa’s excitement when our new kitchen arrived (mind you, after 6 weeks without a kitchen, I was very excited myself!).


However, I’ve to admit that I never understood why she was so fond of this very spot. She spent almost all her time there.

I know; cat logic, no idea to even bother, but I couldn’t stop wondering why on earth she was sitting there for many days. She never made a mess with the things around her, she was just relaxing on the concrete floor.

Anyway. She actually helped me a lot with her weird behavior. I was so stressed and annoyed by the construction work that I could do with some craziness. I normally had to laugh when I saw her and felt much better. So in a way I encouraged her sitting there, but I think she had another reason as well. A reason reasonable for cats.


First things first

So yesterday we learned that ignorance is prior to praise. Let’s take Feline Management a step further today. Trust, but verify is an important guideline whenever dealing with inferiors. However, humans tend to forget that unannounced controls are not always unexpected: only dull employees think that nobody will ever control bookkeeping. While it is important to keep track on treats and food, it’s even more crucial to keep servants on their toes by controlling them seemingly illogically.

On the big moving day, we were “stored” (bah!) in the bathroom while many humans carried a lot of stuff. When Mom finally opened our transportation boxes, we had of course our own ways of exploring the new apartment. Mom thought we’d have a look through the windows or check the different rooms … but Kajsa was more concerned with controlling our scratching tree. She spent exactly 7 minutes sniffing at this particular spot, and drove Mom mad with her careful inspection. The silly human was excited to see us exploring our new royal chambers, and all this cat did was to sniff at her climbing tree.

That is the kind of unexpected and unannounced control of inferiors we’re aiming at. Mom was shivering whether we’d approve our new place, but Kajsa found out that our servant didn’t carry the most precious  and intimate things herself. How dare she let someone else carry our furniture and leave an alien smell on our tree??

Tessa again did in fact check if the apartment meets our needs, but of course she wouldn’t start with the windows. No, Tessa did inspect something far more important. She came out of her transportation box, and the very first thing she did was to control that we can lift the shower drain with our claws, hehehe.


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