Celebrating the joy King Punapippuri shared with us

I’m sure many of you have read the sad news from Finland (N) – sadly, King Punapippuri passed away. His human, Äiti, is one of the wisest humans I’ve ever met, and her posting on Punapippuri’s death is no exception.

Please, as soon as you can move through the shock, celebrate his life and feel joy for what he shared with us. He brought me friends from across the world and enriched my small life far more than I could ever have imagined.

We’ll spend today celebrating King P. – that’s how we used to call him. When I was a hysterical newbie, Äiti became my mentor. I had never had cats in my life. I didn’t know what hairballs are, that it’s not the end of the world when they don’t poop every day, that them denying food didn’t mean that they’d die tonight. It was a crazy summer, and I was so thankful to have someone in Finland to help me. I’ll never forget the evening when I was afraid that Kajsa may die of an overdose, and Äiti called to help me through the night.

Some of you may remember my early posts: analytical and focused on cats and mental health; rather an informative blog than a diary. What I didn’t expect was the community feeling that comes along with a blog, and all the sudden, our blog was not an informative blog on cats and mental health anymore. Punapippuri was a very big part of this community. I saw Punapippuri’s blog in my Facebook feed one day – how funny that Äiti and I were both foreigners in Finland, blogging in English about cats! Keep in mind that Finland’s population is only 5 million (plus 1 – Äiti became a Finnish citizen this year!).

Punapippuri advised the girls on how to make me a perfect servant, and sent us gifts and treats. Äiti and I met twice in Helsinki. We wish you all the best, Punapippuri, and we’re sure that you are now reunited with Veli Stran.

Here are some pictures and posts about the joy King P. brought into our life.

Less than a month living with me, Tessa and Kajsa already got their very first presents!


Followed by many other gifts!

Christmas presents wrapped in paper with birdies!!!

Polliwogs for Jolly Mogs !! One of the greatest letters ever!


Äiti taught Mom how clicker training works. Well, at least in theory, hehe.

Most recently, Äiti designed our catio!


Plus many more stories, but we’ll stop writing now and rather play with some of the toys we got from Punapippuri.


Magnetic North

It’s a bit late for Christmas stuff, but we guess it’s ok to show Christmas presents in the middle of January when Spitty’s staff writes Christmas cards on Jan 2nd, hehe. In fact, we got a present from Spitty’s first officer Punapippuri – a calendar for 2017 with all the celebrities of Finland (N).

I had of course a good sniff at everything. You know, we hardly ever get visits from mancats. The last one was Mr. Black Cat at our old place, but Kajsa chased him away with her iron paw.

Did you notice the perfect wrapping paper?? Birdies in Christmas costumes, waiting to get picked up by hungry felines?

A purrfect parcel, indeed. Mom now has a calendar which will remind her to give us treats every day (she’s quite forgetful), a Christmas card and a piece of art from the Catio Tales. Thank you very much!!


Now the drugs do work

I’m not surprised that Äiti has difficulties to take sharp pictures – her drugs are too good! I mean, I was just casually walking through the kitchen when one of my innocent paws touched a Polliwog. Next thing I know, I was laying intoxicated on the floor.

cat stares at valerian toy

… going wild. Ok, at least by my standards. I could name some cats who think that this is normal behavior.

cat playing with Valerian scented toy

cat goes crazy about valerian toy

cat plays with Valerian scented toy

cat loves valerian toy

Now… what was I originally planning to do? I can’t remember, but it sure was something very important?


kajsa nov2015

Polliwog for Jolly Mogs

Feline friends! Last week was very exciting because we got a parcel with Christmas presents from our friends in Northern Finland. You may wonder why we’re celebrating Christmas in February, but things are more complicated than that: the Finnish Postal Service tried to stage a coup! (Remember, you read it here first.)

The growing royal-feline alliance between Finland North and South apparently upsets Posti: they forgot to notify us of our parcel in December, and returned it eventually to the sender. We again sent a parcel to Punapippuri in January, and it got lost! Mom wrote a lot of emails and Posti has now found it. They say that Punapippuri will get our parcel in the beginning of this week … well. We’ve heart that before, haven’t we? So we need to be more careful with our plans to establish a feline royal dynasty in Finland. Posti is already on it!!

It’s good that we got presents to distract ourselves from these heavy domestic politics. Mom’s very happy about a calendar with all the celebrities of Punapippuri’s blog. Ok, she said that the calendar is for all of us, but I was far more interested in Polliwogs.

Cat loves valerian toys

I just had to check that Kajsa was upstairs

valerian toys for cats

… and then things got a bit out of control. Mom thinks she can see a Polliwog on this picture, but she isn’t sure.

cat loves valerian root

Oh yes, my mighty paws will take good care of this wonderful present. Thank you!

polliwog punapippuri


tessa nov2015

Move Your Feet, Lose Your Seat

So one of the best things with Granny’s flat is this epic sofa – at least in comparison to Mom’s furniture. I like two spots a lot. First,  I agree with Tessa, Granny’s spot is great.

cat disturbs me when i want to sleep

… but Mom’s favorite isn’t too bad either.

cat is always sleeping where I want to lay down

Jaava from Finland (N) is one of my idols, because she knows how to live the good life:

As soon as Äiti leaves the sofa, Jaava occupies it. She rarely stays but she is unashamedly luxuriating in a prewarmed spot.

Oh, yes, Jaava, let the games begin!

cat always wants to sit on my chair

I don’t get why Mom and Granny are complaining about the sofa situation – can’t they just go somewhere else?

kajsa nov2015

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