Mr. Shy and Mr. Very Shy

One of my neighbors asked if I could spend some time at their place the next day. Their cat Mr. Shy had a tumor and needed surgery. His staff had to go to work and wanted someone to check on him. Since he’s shy, there’s no point in just coming by, so we agreed that I would hang for an hour or so in their apartment, hoping that he’d show up.

I didn’t get to see his brother Mr. Very Shy – well, apart from a black lightning for about 0,000012 seconds when he was running for his life to get under the bed. Luckily, the patient, Mr. Shy, decided that I’m (most likely) not a dangerous raptor and showed up.

space collar after surgery and shy cat

I was even allowed to touch him! I was very impressed that he was doing so well after his surgery – he’s 16 years old!!

shy old cat after surgery with collar

Hehe. I think he’s normally not allowed on the table, but he convinced me that he’s suffering a lot and I felt very sorry for him.

catitter lets injured cat sleep on table


foolish servant to cats