Terrified Terrorists

Do we look upset? You bet we are.

the real terrorists on an airplane

We traveled back to Finland yesterday. We got used to traveling over the years, but of course we don’t really like it. You’d think our human had a bad conscience and did all she could to make us feel comfortable. Think again! We couldn’t believe our ears when she checked in:

Our human (gives our passports*): One person and two cats to Helsinki.
Staff: Thank you. Oh, your cats are soooo cute!!
Our human: Don’t get fooled. If you’re screening for terrorists, you should call security.
Staff (laughs): My sister has cats, and yes, they look cute, but they’re jerks ….


Bah! How dare she make fun of us while we’re in an exposed situation?!? Oh, just wait until we catch up on some sleep – if she wants us to be terrorists, she better runs while she still can.


* Yup, we cats need passports, too!