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Conservative Cuteness: S-Tail Edition

Granny’s green armchair is also this year a hot spot. While Tessa feels a need to sleep in an indecent yoga position, I remain true to myself and keep up the art of Conservative Cuteness. Some of you may remember that I hardly ever show my belly, but prefer being cute with dignity.

I would die for my cat


Conservative Cuteness Series


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Secrets Of Royal Sisterhood

Do you remember that we suddenly started hanging out with each other? Like some kind of cat sisterhood? When our silly human came home yesterday, she was surprised that we didn’t greet her at the door. She almost fainted when she entered the bedroom: Mom can’t remember when she’s last seen us so close to each other.

my cats become closer to each other

She had a big smile on her face for the rest of the day and checked upon us every so often – we were sleeping like that for many hours.

Now, we don’t want to say that it’s easy to make humans happy as it is hard work being so close to each other – we should get a lot of treats to recover! That being said, it is actually easy to keep humans wondering. Mom spent a lot of time finding a reason why we suddenly changed our behavior. Is it because we’re somehow “protected” by bumps? Will we eventually start snuggling with each other?

Today, she’s tried to build dens by arranging pillows and blankets under the bed-cover, and of course we’ve ignored her efforts so far. But who knows? Maybe we change our minds one day.


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