my cat is a thief

We’re back

Feline friends! What a summer!

neugierige katzen

We moved houses, but had no time to settle down at our new apartment before we went on a long vacation to Germany! Many of you know that we’re normally living in Finland, but staying for several weeks a year in Germany at “our” grandparents’ place. We’re stuck for another two weeks in Cologne, but to be honest – we love living with Granny. Mom says that Kajsa and I get spoiled rotten here, but so does she…. Hehe.

Mom slept for about 4 weeks in a row, but said that she’s now getting ready for blogging again. That’s great, but I’m for now far more interested where she hid my treats this time. Besides, any ideas why my new nickname is Mole ???

tessa nov2015

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