Hairball versus Clumsy Human

Uh-oh. I better keep a low profile today and look as cute as possible. My human is FURious about an ever so tiny furry incident.

cat keeps low profile

My human was surprised to find a hairball on the floor this morning: I always barf on rugs, sofas, beds or any other delicate material, but this hairball was next to a rug. Shouldn’t she just be happy? And even more important, shouldn’t other persons in this household stay out of this? No – of course Grandpa had to intervene.

Something strange happened tonight. When I went to the bathroom, I stepped into something juicy on a rug. Couldn’t really identify what it was, looked like poo, but smelled differently? I got it off my feet but couldn’t find it afterwards. I didn’t want to turn on the light because I was afraid to wake you up.

I couldn’t find anything when I got up this morning – was this just a dream?

Is it my fault that I have so much fur? Is it my fault that Grandpa is too stupid to walk around a hairball? Of course not! So why am I to blame ?!?


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