Moving houses with cats

When the cats move away…

Moving to a new place sounds horrible to most cats, but some things are actually great about moving!

I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but Mom’s been completely exhausted. Which is in a way good because she was too tired to play with us, but had a bad conscience.

To keep us busy, she made us work hard for treats and kibbles. Our favorite game is Hide and Seek: Mom hides kibbles and treats all over the place and we’ll do a long work shift finding each one. Wonder why only dogs take all the glory as drug-sniffing dogs at airports and so on? We sure should be paid much more, but Mom says that dogs don’t get a good salary either. In fact, they’ll probably get less treats when sniffing through hundreds of bags than we get when we play Hide and Seek. Right. Now it makes sense that cats don’t do this job, but leave it to dogs, hehe…

We also loved the packing. So many bags to explore, so many things to spread your fur on! And so much chaos that Mom lost track of bags, had no idea what is where and couldn’t prevent us from digging our way. She packed, we unpacked, she packed, we unpacked … a wonderful game!

Oh, did I mention bags? They also turned up on places where Mom doesn’t normally store bags.

You can also see another important detail on this picture: she quite often forgot to put her phone charger and headphones away, hehehe … Such delightful chewing times!! Mom’s annual budget on headphones is 120€ because of me, but she already spent about 80€ in 2017, and it’s only June!


First things first

So yesterday we learned that ignorance is prior to praise. Let’s take Feline Management a step further today. Trust, but verify is an important guideline whenever dealing with inferiors. However, humans tend to forget that unannounced controls are not always unexpected: only dull employees think that nobody will ever control bookkeeping. While it is important to keep track on treats and food, it’s even more crucial to keep servants on their toes by controlling them seemingly illogically.

On the big moving day, we were “stored” (bah!) in the bathroom while many humans carried a lot of stuff. When Mom finally opened our transportation boxes, we had of course our own ways of exploring the new apartment. Mom thought we’d have a look through the windows or check the different rooms … but Kajsa was more concerned with controlling our scratching tree. She spent exactly 7 minutes sniffing at this particular spot, and drove Mom mad with her careful inspection. The silly human was excited to see us exploring our new royal chambers, and all this cat did was to sniff at her climbing tree.

That is the kind of unexpected and unannounced control of inferiors we’re aiming at. Mom was shivering whether we’d approve our new place, but Kajsa found out that our servant didn’t carry the most precious  and intimate things herself. How dare she let someone else carry our furniture and leave an alien smell on our tree??

Tessa again did in fact check if the apartment meets our needs, but of course she wouldn’t start with the windows. No, Tessa did inspect something far more important. She came out of her transportation box, and the very first thing she did was to control that we can lift the shower drain with our claws, hehehe.


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