lost cat

E as in Escape. A Midsummer Nightmare

cat run awayDo you remember Rachel’s cat Voldemort eh Valdo?  Turned out he wasn’t a murderer that night, but he certainly challenged my cardiac rhythm.

I was watching some TV in the kitchen. Valdo was upstairs, and I assumed that he was sleeping in my bed. After 2 hours, I became suspicious. I hadn’t heard any noise, nothing fell and no meowing for more food. I needed to check what he was doing. He wasn’t in my bedroom. He wasn’t on the attic. He wasn’t in my wardrobe. There was no one but me and an open balcony door. (more…)

Are they hungry?

Wait a moment – I actually do have a third cat-related memory: much later (well, whatever this means for a child) my sister, my mom and I were talking a walk in the forest. I planned to put some ham behind a tree; just in case the cats were hungry. I don’t remember if I actually did that. If I know my mom – probably not.

After that, I haven’t cared for cats for many years. I just wasn’t interested. I even forgot that our family ever had cats.

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