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It’s a bit late for Christmas stuff, but we guess it’s ok to show Christmas presents in the middle of January when Spitty’s staff writes Christmas cards on Jan 2nd, hehe. In fact, we got a present from Spitty’s first officer Punapippuri – a calendar for 2017 with all the celebrities of Finland (N).

I had of course a good sniff at everything. You know, we hardly ever get visits from mancats. The last one was Mr. Black Cat at our old place, but Kajsa chased him away with her iron paw.

Did you notice the perfect wrapping paper?? Birdies in Christmas costumes, waiting to get picked up by hungry felines?

A purrfect parcel, indeed. Mom now has a calendar which will remind her to give us treats every day (she’s quite forgetful), a Christmas card and a piece of art from the Catio Tales. Thank you very much!!


Private bouncer

Oh, what I forgot to mention yesterday: the black cat incident happened before Kajsa dared to go out as well. She’s now a regular in our garden. Definitely bad news for the black cat because he tried to “make friends” with her as well. Let’s put it that way – I’ve never seen him in our garden after that. He doesn’t even pass our house when we’re outside: he’s either changing his route or running away as soon as he sees Kajsa.

both cats outside

I’m a bit surprised that she scared him off as she’s much smaller. She has only threatened him once with an arched back, fluffy tail and growling. Oh King P., maybe Aila isn’t that bad after all?

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, summer and early autumn are gone, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

mommy nov2015

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