live-in catsitter

Temper Tantrum

WHAT is this person doing in our apartment? And why do you’ve better things to do than blogging??

Only for 4 days”. Does she really think she can impress me with her sweetest voice?

I better throw a tantrum to tell her my opinion.

I guess the intruder is gone now? Don’t get me wrong, she sure is a nice person, but Mom doesn’t live up to our service standards!


The great abandonment

Feline friends!

I’m shocked. Turned out that this nice girl, who was visiting us the other day, is going to live here. And Mom will  move out – without us!! I mean, I don’t need much space, I fit in any box she wants!

cats in too small boxesMom says I’m silly, because she’s only going abroad for a week. And this girl doesn’t really move in here. She’ll only live at our place whilst Mom is away. ONLY??? This woman has clearly difficulties with reality perception – we start wondering what her shrink is actually doing for a living. Fact is, she’s abandoning us for a week, and she (and maybe also the catsitter) will pay for this.

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