New staff from Australia

showtime-with-catsWe’re very proud of two Australian mates. Their former servant K. is certainly well-trained, and may work in grand houses worldwide.

We were first shocked when we heard that Mom’s friend an intruder will live at our place for some weeks.  Visitors mean change, cleaning and lack of attention. However, K. is well aware that we have established rules and routines in our Queendom, and she will subjugate herself whilst she is under our command. She told Mom that

I’ll let the cats adjust me to their standards and chain of control.

Now that sounds really promising. K. also said that she prefers a heated flat, but she’ll gladly open the balcony door for us as often as we want to. Well, we guess she’ll soon find out that “as long as they want to” is more appropriate: Kajsa is a lousy decision-maker and needs at least an hour to decide whether she wants to go to the balcony, with three legs in the bedroom and one leg on the balcony…

Talking of balconies: we’re all settled on the most expensive seats and eager to see a great reality show: our foolish maid with the new butler.


tessa und kajsa nov2015