Humans are so stupid

The Brain Of Homo Sapiens

Yepp – Kajsa was photobombing with her whiskers yesterday!

Feline friends!

We all know that humans are weird, but the recent events at our holiday domicile are in a class of its own. Granny has a great sofa: perfect for two humans and two cats … IF the humans were sitting which is only fair as they’re so tall! However, both Mom and Granny are very egoistic: they lay down (why do they have beds then?) and force us to go away! This is an ongoing battle, we were already fighting for our rights in January!

Now, the real bummer: we had no idea that you can turn the sofa into a queen size bed!!!


cat disturbs me when i want to sleep


cat doesn't want to share sofa with me

Mom explained that “we” only need the sofa bed when “we” have overnight guests.

Eh what??? To make this one clear:

  1. Our humans complain that we take too much space
  2. They could significantly enlarge the sofa
  3. They say it’s only necessary when they’ve overnight guests
  4. Tessa and I are staying at Granny’s place for several weeks
  5. However, we aren’t considered overnight guests
  6. They say the sofa is too small for all of us

Any idea how they managed to get a sapiens behind their species?


tessa und kajsa nov2015

Greetings from the basket

So here I am, in my wonderful basket. And yes, it’s the very same basket I rejected. You wonder what happened?

cat in her basket

Mom put the basket for a second on a table because she was rearranging things. And there I was, ready to take over, to fill this basket with my gorgeous body.

cat chooses her sleeping spot carefully

So yes, I’m very satisfied with myself and my life right now.

cat is very satisfied with herself

Mom says that she’ll sometimes need the desk for herself … but I know it’d break her heart to remove the basket now when I finally use it.


tessa nov2015

The other side of the story

Oh, just in case someone feels sorry for Mom because we reject baskets and three-floored cardboard houses: the story also goes the other way around.

I was thrilled when this wonderful box showed up.

cat cant get enough of boxes

It has the perfect size.

cat is very picky about boxes

… and I can continue working for James Bond.

cat hides in a box to observe

So what does she mean with “I need this box for something else” ??

surprised cat in a box


tessa nov2015

What Humans Learn From Their Parents

Mom was surprised that I snuggled with Granny a lot. She’d love to snuggle more with me, but I normally go away after some seconds.

So one evening she petted me, and I hissed at her. Granny saw what happened, and started tickling me right after I had hissed at Mom. The latter couldn’t believe her eyes when I started purring. Those stupid humans eventually figured out that Granny tickles me in a different (read: better) way than Mom.

Oh, how I miss my Granny!

spoiled by granny

the best way to make your cat purr

Since then Mom’s tickling skills have enhanced a lot. She still has a lot to learn, but she’s on a good way. Can you believe that she’s been TOO STUPID to tickle me for 7 months??

tessa nov2015

Hehehehe. Let’s see when she’ll change my byline!

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