Long time no see

Should our human be ashamed? Definitely! We didn’t get to post our pictures and opinions for a long time! That’s not how social media are working, aren’t they? When you’re offline, you’re gone. And then some new kitty turns up, takes your place and thinks she’s most beautiful which is of course all wrong – but how is she supposed to know if she’s not seen our gracious looks and heard of our powerful realm?

However, we need Mom’s thumbs to type this posting, so I helped her cover up. And aren’t our tails a perfect match? Then again… I never got why she calls her tail ponytail. Eh? Human logic, anyone?

Our typist has promised to post regularly from now on, and she’ll eventually start commenting on your blogs again. To be fair – her 2017 was horrible so far. Serious illness and death in her family, termination of our tenancy agreement (and we were AGAIN forced to move), serious water damage in our new apartment followed by weeks of heavy construction work, financial troubles and a lot of stuff in her private life, too. So I guess she had all reason being too tired to work on our blog, but then again … we’ve also suffered a lot, and we’d have loved to complain on our diary here. Bah.