how to get maximum attention

Crossword Collaboration

Granny has worked hard on improving her crossword skills, so we’ve found a compromise after a long struggle.

Mom says I’m spoiled rotten. Granny often complains that I disturb her, but we all know that she secretly loves the attention.


Intergenerational competence

Thank you for your support, kitties, I’ll go for the maximum number of boxes!

Today I want to share some inter-generational wisdom with you to get maximum attention from your humans! Occupying Mom’s laptop is a very powerful tool to get her full attention. However, I’ve never seen Granny with a laptop, so I tried sitting on her newspaper. Success!

cat occupies newspaper

Even better – on the newspaper and crossword at the same time.

cat occupies crossword

Hehehehehehe. Needless to say: look as sweet and innocent as possible!


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