Scandal: our squirrelless residence

So King P. asked about our snow and squirrel situation. We don’t have a garden anymore, but Mom takes us outside every now and then, and I found a new great tree to climb. It’s so much fun when Mom can’t see me and gets nervous.


I’ve to report that we haven’t yet seen any squirrels, so we think that Mom made a poor decision when she signed the lease. Can you believe that she didn’t ask the agent about squirrels??? Ok, we get that 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom and balcony are important as well. The area is also great: no traffic and a huge recreation area starts right behind our house. How very generous of her to make sure that she may keep cats – we find it difficult to believe that many landlords don’t allow pets?? And good for her that public transportation is extremely good, and that she can afford the rent. But squirrels?? How could she miss squirrels??


Sigh. This picture is only 3 days old, but all the leaves are gone now. No snow. Mom says that this totally isn’t her fault, but who knows… Did I mention that she forgot to check for squirrels before she forced us to move?


tessa nov2015