Move Your Feet, Lose Your Seat

So one of the best things with Granny’s flat is this epic sofa – at least in comparison to Mom’s furniture. I like two spots a lot. First,  I agree with Tessa, Granny’s spot is great.

cat disturbs me when i want to sleep

… but Mom’s favorite isn’t too bad either.

cat is always sleeping where I want to lay down

Jaava from Finland (N) is one of my idols, because she knows how to live the good life:

As soon as Äiti leaves the sofa, Jaava occupies it. She rarely stays but she is unashamedly luxuriating in a prewarmed spot.

Oh, yes, Jaava, let the games begin!

cat always wants to sit on my chair

I don’t get why Mom and Granny are complaining about the sofa situation – can’t they just go somewhere else?

kajsa nov2015