Our flight with Finnair

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finnair kissaOnly the best for my girls – I called a cab (we think a limousine would have been more appropriate /Kajsa) to be faster at the airport. They were meowing their way to the airport, but were silent when we arrived. Finnair’s ground staff was very friendly; they admired the Queens, and took me through the procedure.

A security guy checked their carriers at the bulky luggage counter (BAH! We are Queens, not bulky luggage!). It was really helpful that I had taken their leashes with me; otherwise, it would have been very difficult to hold them. Nevertheless, Kajsa hurt me and whipped the leash out of my hand (hehe, humans are not smarter than cats), but I caught her right away (Embarrassing. No comment.) Hallelujah.

The big moment was finally there: I had to leave them. I was hysterical and started crying. Oops. The staff comforted me, and told me again that they’re taking good care of my babies. I was so thankful for their kind words. I mean, they’re shipping pets every day, but they took their time and were patient with me.

I had difficulties to trust them anyways. When I was boarding (more…)

Our Long Summer Vacation

cat flight transportationSo we’ll be travelling, and yes, I’m terrified. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I decided to give it a try. I had two alternatives for this summer

  1. Visit my parents for 1 week and get a cat sitter.
  2. Take my girls with me and stay for 6 weeks

6 weeks are a very long time, and I don’t know when I’ll get this opportunity again. I miss my family, and I’d love to spend as much time as possible with them. I’ll never know whether my girls are ok with flying if I don’t give it a try. If it works out, I’ll do it again. If it doesn’t, I won’t. I’m pretty sure that they’ll easily adjust to my parent’s flat: they only needed 30 minutes to feel comfortable at my place when I got them from the shelter – even though they hardly knew me. That’s why I believe that they’ll be fine as long as I’m with them.

The flight is only 2.5 hours, but it’d take us 3-4 days to travel by car, because we need to cross the Baltic Sea. The flight wouldn’t stress me if I could take my girls to the cabin. Unfortunately, (more…)

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